Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Greg Sand

Greg Sand is an artist and photographer who "explores the issues of existence, time and death". He works mainly with digital photography. I think that this style of art is creative and effective - the use of weaving two images together to create one, however it is not my favourite. I created my own version using two photos that I found on google :

Here is the version I created:

I don't think that it turned out too well, as perhaps I should've chosen pictures that were similar, rather than the completely contrasting pictures. I think it looks interesting, but isn't something that I would do again.

Amy Friend

Amy Friend is a Canadian artist best know for her art that involves creating many tiny little dots so that when the picture is held up to the light, you can see it shining through the holes, creating an interesting effect. I like this idea as I feel it creates a 'fairy-like' effect, which I think would work well of my chosen theme of fashion.

I think that this specific picture looks quite ghostly and haunting, as the picture appears old, and is in black and white. I feel like the dots on the water look like little fairies, or something giving a mystical feel to the picture, which is very inspiring. Below I used the same technique on one of my pictures. I held it up to the light at two different angles to show you how it looks :

William Hatch Crosby

William Hatch Crosby is an artist/illustrator currently based in Brookyn, NY. He is also known for doing Art Department work in the Film and Television industry. As you can see from the image above, William designs often include intricate patterns in bright colours. I personally really like his work as I find it interesting as well as unique. I like how in the picture above, the original photograph has darker colours, and not a lot going on, but then the vibrancy of the pink really makes it stand out. I decided to create my own version by using an advert from a fashion magazine (helping me to relate the work of William Hatch Crosby to my fashion theme!)

To create this, I used several different colours of acrylic paint, and also used different paint brushes to create slightly different shapes and lines, which I found created an interesting and unique effect. I particularly like this type of art as I feel like you could transform any photograph into something completely new. I plan to use this technique in some of my work later on in the year.

Summer Photographs

Recently, I asked my friends (Camilla, Laura and Stella) to help me out with my photography project by being the 'models' in my pictures. As my chosen theme is fashion, I wanted to capture their personality through their outfits. I didn't ask them to wear anything crazy, just to dress how they normally would. I didn't just want a plain white wall as a background, so I decided to use the fields by the aerodrome near to where I live. I also used natural lighting, with no flash or anything (if I had taken the pictures at home I would have used professional studio lighting, but I wanted to see how the images would turn out when taken with natural light). When I got home, I also edited them on photoshop.

This is the original version of the photograph. I like the background in this, but there is too much space above Camilla's head, so when I edited it in photoshop, I cropped it down to a better size. I also added some blue tones to the picture as I felt like it intensified the image that way.

This is the edited version.

This picture I decided not to edit. I quite like how it looked without being edited, I also like how there is a lot of space around the picture, with not much going on in it as it draws your attention to them.

This picture I decided to edit as there was slightly more space on the right hand side of the picture. I also added some blue tones again to this picture, but not as much as the one from earlier.

This is the edited version.

I edited this picture as I felt that the colours could be brighter and more vibrant, so I added some blue tones (I feel like adding blue tones in photoshop can really make a picture look better!)

Here is the edited version.

I decided to crop this picture as again I felt there was too much space surrounding the image. I also added blue tones.

Here is the edited verison.

I didn't want all of the grass or clouds to be in the picture so I cropped it, and also added blue tones.

Here is the edited version.

Thanks to Camilla, Laura and Stella for helping me out!