Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Jana Williams : Research


Jana Williams is a photographer based in Southern California. She specialises in wedding photography, but also does lifestyle photography. Although I'm not going to do wedding photography for my project, I found the photographs inspiring and I couldn't help but love how she photographs the models. In a lot of photographs she pays close attention to the details of the dress which is why I can relate these photographs to my chosen theme of fashion.

There are several meanings behind these photographs. As they are wedding photographs, there is a strong sense of romance in the pictures, as well as elegance.

Again, like the two other artists I have analysed, there is a dreamy effect to the photographs. I think the dreamy effect particularly works well with these photographs as it adds romance to the wedding theme. I chose these photographs for fashion, as in the second photograph particularly, you can see the detail of the dress very well, which is something that I will bear in mind when taking my own photographs - to make sure you get the details of the outfits in. It makes it more interesting, seeing the delicate pattern of the lace. The locations for these photographs is also interesting. I noticed, when looking through Jana's photographs, that in every single photograph she had taken, the location was always very beautiful and they work well with the theme of the photograph.

These pictures have definitely inspired me for my own work - to think about the location, keeping the lighting soft, and also to focus on the details of the outfit, as I think that these will all help me to create a good fashion photograph.

Emily Soto : Research

These photographs were taken by Emily Soto, who specialises in fashion photography, as well as celebrity and lifestyle photography. She is based in Southern California. In 2011, she received a "Best of Photography" award from Sigma. These photographs are from a collection on her website called Book I and her pictures are often used in fashion magazines. I personally prefer the photographs from Book I, as there have a more whimsical fairy-like feel to them, compared to in Book II where they are more high fashion photographs.

Emily Soto's work has a similar theme - fashion (the obvious one) but also a whimsical, dreamy theme to a lot of her photographs. You could also say that these relate to the theme of Portraiture, as well as Fashion.

One thing that I particularly love about Emily Soto's work, is the dreamy, blurred effect to her photographs. I like how if there are any objects in front of the model, they are blurred out, so just the model is noticed, but the objects are not forgotten. A lot of her photographs have pink tones to them (unlike the blue tones of the work of Tina Patni) which I really like as they give the photographs a more girly feel to them. The styling of the outfits also makes them feel 'princess-y', which again adds to the fairytale feel. 

I picked these photographs because they inspire me. I am particularly interested in recreating the fairytale feel to my own pictures in the future for this project, as I find them interesting to look at, and playing with the different colours could create different yet interesting effects.

Tina Patni : Research

These photographs were taken by Tina Patni, a photographer who specialises in fashion and beauty photographs. These photographs are from a collection on her website called Fashion 3 - the third portfolio of her fashion work. Fashion 3 is my personal favourite collection of her work. Tina Patni works with lots of different designer brands, creating advertising photographs for them, the main brand being Louis Vuitton, however I don't think that the photographs above were for a specific brand. I chose to analyse these pictures as I find the work inspiring and would like to recreate similar photographs for my own project.

I think that all of Tina Patni's work has a similar and obvious theme - fashion and beauty. Her work could also be related to the theme of Portraiture, which is interesting. When looking on her site, there were no titles for any of the pictures.

When I first saw these pictures, I was instantly drawn to them as I found them very inspiring. The photographs have a dreamy effect to them - due to the lighting coming from behind the model and the whole picture being slightly blurred. I found this interesting as it is very effective and reminds me of fairytale inspired photographs (also because of the outfits). To me, the models in the pictures almost look doll-like, again reminding me of fairytale, child-like scenes. I was also drawn to the photographs because they have blue tones to them, something that I personally love to do to my own photographs. The colours also complement each other nicely.

Overall, I personally am really inspired by the work of Tina Patni, and after looking through her collection of photographs on her website, I really liked all of them, and am inspired to use some of her techniques in my own work.