Exam Mini-Theme: Life Cycles

Exam Mini-Theme: Life Cycles
This was a small project that we did as part of a competition, but it relates to the exam theme of Encounters, Meetings & Experiences because it's about life experiences.


Photo sources (from left to right)
1. Foxes
3. Leaf
4. Apple
5. Lions
6. Plants


Mini Analysis : Bill Viola

This piece is by Bill Viola and is called The Nantes Triptych. It was created in 1992, and is a video series. The video is 29 minutes and 46 seconds. It involves a video of a child being born, along with a video of a person dying. Both are actual events. The central panel shows an image of a clothed man underwater moving through alternate stages of turbulence and undulating stillness, held in fragile suspension before an indistinct, shadowy space, suspended between birth and death. A lot of Bill Viola's work is based deeply from religion. You can see this well from this specific piece. I personally don't like this piece, as although the thought of a person being born is a happy occasion, the aspect of death in this piece is not a happy occasion. 

5 ideas for my final piece.

1) Have an old person (such as my grandpa) holding a young baby (such as his great-grandaughter).
2) Taking a picture of the same flower over a certain amount of time, to see how it ages. Then, as a final photography, put a new flower, such as a rose, next to a dead and dried out flower.
3) A picture of a sunset taken every 5 minutes (as the sun sets rapidly).
4) Pictures of roads in the snow - taking a journey through life.
5) Snow - seasons of life.

Digital Photography for Life Cycles:

I took a picture of these flowers in a graveyard. I visited the graveyard because I think that it works well for Life Cycles. Not only is there a sense of death, but the flowers that are there represent life. These particular flowers are starting to die, which I think is really effective.

I thought that this was quite a powerful picture relating to Life Cycles, as the graveyards are positioned all in a line. The people would have probably all died at different times, so this shows the stages of death in the life cycle. It's as if it's a line of death.

I took this picture in the snow, when I was on a walk, and I found this gate. I thought that it looked pretty covered in snow so I photographed it. I think that it can relate well to Life Cycles, because it's almost as if it is a gate and pathway to parts of life.

These two pictures were of the road I live on. I felt that these worked well for Life Cycles as they could be representing journeys and pathways through life, which I think works effectively well.

For this photograph, I added a snow like texture to it on photoshop, and changed the layer type so that it gave a soft, glow like effect. I also created another layer where I created a gradient of purple to blue, and also played around with the layer type. I think that this gives it a fairytale like feel to it, which I really like. 

Mini-Analysis : Andy Goldsworthy

Rowan Leaves & Hole.

I particularly like this piece by Andy Goldsworthy, as the vibrant colours remind me of autumn. I like how there is a gradient of colour from the burnt red to the sunshine yellow and then it goes to the dark black hole in the centre. It makes you think that perhaps there is something beyond the hole, or that it's a gateway to something. This relates well to the theme of life cycles as it is showing leaves from different seasons - autumn, summer etc... 

Mini - Evaluation

The theme for this mini project was life cycles. This can be interpreted in many ways, which is a reason as to why I enjoyed this project. I decided to take advantaged of when it snowed and as I was taking the pictures I thought of 'the seasons of life'. The pictures are shown above. 

These pictures of apples during last spring/summer could also be considered for the seasons of life cycles. I think that the colours are important in showing the different seasons, and they can cause different reactions and emotions. These were the two photographs that I entered into a local competition.

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